2015 is the Year of Jewellery Ecommerce – Says Market Experts


“2015 is the Year of Jewellery Ecommerce”, Says Market Experts

Online Jewellery Business & Ecommerce Platforms

By 2016, the ecommerce industry is expected to gush up to over $1.85 trillion and it would be the Asia-Pacific region emerging as the biggest ecommerce market worth $707 billion. It is the internet users in India and China, the major driving force behind APAC’s ecommerce growth.  Ecommerce is considered to be an evergreen boom affecting different industrial scenarios at different intervals. Irrespective of the countries, from mighty millionaires to small scale industrial holders, many are making good business, indeed providing lively business opportunities for the ecommerce platform building companies as well.  As per the latest trend 2015 is predicted to be the year of jewellers and the peak time to enter the online market as per the market analysts.  With innovations in the delivery services like real time delivery options, Sunday and holiday deliveries and even drone development have generated a good and reliable customer base for their respective ecommerce platforms. The improvements are expected to boost the online sales by $18b.  The GPS satellite tracking systems will push the ‘in flight’ delivery change options in the UK and US. The best way to sneak through the competition is to provide the best customer service. As per the trend of 2015 online jewellery buyers have turned out to be the most satisfied and ROI generating crowd for the ecommerce platforms across the globe.

Jewellery Ecommerce Platforms & Success Probability in 2015

There is high success probability for jewellery ecommerce platforms in 2015. According to the estimates U.S retail jewellery sales exceeded $70 billion in 2014. Many key players have already entered the market within a span of one month in 2015. They have in fact adopted a different strategy unlike the usual necklaces, rings, earrings, and watches that much bigger competitors regularly offer.  It has been observed that most of the new stores have featured handmade jewelleries from the new and upcoming designers, auctioned vintage jewelleries, private collections, designer jewelleries made with unique materials, and also jewelleries devoid of diamonds or gems or other materials derived through forced labour. The jewellery ecommerce platforms can indeed incorporate different business models for the merchants like subscription and rental services. Thus the jewellery ecommerce have higher scope for futuristic innovations and explorations.

Features a Jeweller Can Demand in his Ecommerce Platform?

  • The platform should allow uploading of high quality images and should be capable of handling a high real time crowd without hindering the speed and indeed the user experience. The navigation should be at ease with perfect dropdowns and should have a pleasing design concept capable of converting visitors to customers. It should be further customizable for futuristic innovations like different 3D models adopted by Tacori, Neiman Marcus and Brilliance.


  • A strong CMS has always been the backbone of any ecommerce platform, especially when it deals with jewellery. The sizes, width, length diameter and every specification have to be clearly mentioned and could be frequently updated. This is not just a matter of credibility but above all it generates trust. Stanley Korshak uses a bullet point list for product information which makes it easy for customers to comprehend each element.


  • Restrictions should be clearly mentioned as in Roseark which, for example, clearly suggests that an Anndra Neen necklace won’t be available for 2–4 weeks in red. Special features like virtual wish list which allows customers to add pieces through which the friends and loved ones can have access to the perfect gifts, can be incorporated. Reliable features like compare and detecting ring sizes have been popular recently. Blue Nile offers a full-page “ring education” page that help customers find their ring size even at home.


  • The ecommerce platform should be able to connect freely with social media. A like or a tweet can boost the business to much higher levels than expected and is also the most efficient free way of viral marketing. Ylang23 has unremarkable “share” icons under the “add to bag” button which is another innovative way.


Oorjit- A Complete Jewellery Ecommerce Platform Provider

Using Oorjit multi agency Ecommerce Platform, you can create an online marketplace where multiple agencies can sell their properties. Realtors will have their own dashboard to manage their listed properties, inventory and bookings. Oorjit multi vendor ecommerce software helps you to create an ecommerce marketplace or a smart ecommerce website with vast property catalogue and reduced cost and time for managing inventories. Nowadays realtors are looking out to list their properties in different websites to increase their sales volume. Oorjit gives you the right platform that satisfies your realty requirements.


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