3 essentials ways to increase your Ecommerce traffic through social media

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Social media outlets have become interwoven into fabric of marketing network streams in ecommerce; and therefore are essential venues to promote, enhance and elevate your company’s image above the competition. The popular platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are becoming ever more present on most ecommerce sites, in the form of logo buttons. With this rate of adoption, in order to maintain new and existing customer base; it only makes sense to use these social services to help your company grow. Given that the majority of social media user traffic is the prime audience source for ecommerce business, making proper use of this medium as best as possible to increase sales. However, while many ecommerce businesses have direct connections to social media sites, there are those that struggle to utilize these outlets to their fullest in order to draw in user interest; and turn, increased traffic and sales.  Here are a few essential free ways you can use the social media venues of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to your advantage, increasing your online traffic and presence.



Anyone who is well versed in Social Media understand the speed of quality content, and its distribution among members form the core function of the digital grid; this is the premise of social media. For any aspiring business actively working to increase its brand traffic, here are some simple hints to get your social wheels moving:


Always use images when you can


As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. People are visual and therefore greatly appreciate the feeling of relief when the opportunity arises to decompress information in an illustrative format. This is clearly evident in the fact that exclusively on Facebook, the average image post accompanied with a brief text explanation receives considerably better exposure than other post type; in fact, 39 percent better.  This is a large enough figure that can’t be ignored, especially when you factor in the ease of searching for engaging image content online.


Give your customer some context and perspective


When posting with determination to find a hungry viewer for a sales opportunity; help them by painting a picture of what their life would be like and how it would be positively impacted as a consequence of adopting your product.  You inherently increase your items buying power if the customer can effortlessly look and ask the personal question of, “is this me,” a quick and easy decision. To go about doing this, try to make images as vividly displayed as possible. The image is a story and should clearly insinuate a specific scene with place and time; a unique style and potentially other associated products that the user can play around with as additional eye candy.


Make a catalogue


Craft a catalogue with a tailored theme.  Interested buyers don’t want to see static images of a product on a grid like an assembly line. They want visual associations that trigger emotional responses, since products are never used in isolation.


Advertise and Promote periodic deals


Make an effort to plan a revolving schedule, placed at strategic times for promotion campaigns involving a combination if discounts, package deals and/or coupon specials. Coupon offerings, with time sensitive windows are also a great way to get offerings passed along via word of mouth fast.



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Any business involved in ecommerce knows how important digital marketing is in powering company exposure translating into increased sales. While relatively new to the scene, Pinterests popularity has steady risen. Being now rate as the 3rd most popular social outlet for ecommerce, and with potential customers being 10 percent more likely make a purchase compared to other venues; Pinterest has made its name as a valuable source to convert web traffic into meaning returns. To use Pinterest to your selling benefit, the following two points will help point you in the right direction:


Provide Quality Customized Pins


Pins should provide quality pictures of your product and are visually stimulating. Moreover, they should provide as much related information about the product; for example real time information relating to item availability and price adjustments.  Also, before jumping in to designing a pin, remember to identify a specific target demographic to focus on, then set the theme and style of your pin to this particular group.


Establish a schedule

Pins should vary time wise on a daily basis. Knowing the difference in user traffic between business and off hours makes a difference.  Lastly, planning pins according to seasonal variation is important. You should take the factors of thematic style of posts between summer, fall and winter into consideration, along with which inventory items to promote.


Credit: http://www.entrepreneur.com



To increase your site traffic using Twitter as an outlet, the formula is fairly straightforward as well, here are a few tricks:

-A very simple start to increasing you brands traffic is by making it easy for people to find your business by embedding a direct link to your site in the description. In extension of a direct link, if you have a company blog which provides helpful information to customers; having periodic link updates will greatly increase your traffic


-Don’t be a stranger, reach out to other Twitter members by using keyword searches to find others that are in the same or related industry to your business. This will build your network, and once you launch your business you will have a greater chance of receiving followers faster.


-It’s great to engage and post often to keep followers interested in your company. However, keep in mind that when posting, while it is acceptable to use an original link a few times during the day, users will not appreciate the same text description; therefore mix each headliner and hashtag up a bit.


Social media is the new present and future way commerce businesses will interact, promote and sell their services to targeted users. Each platform serves as a powerful tool in the pursuit of gaining high traffic streams. Therefore, the more you understand and incorporate simple strategies into routine management, your social media outlets will be a great asset to you businesses success. If you have any further questions or comments about how social media can drive your businesses online traffic feel free to reach out to us!


AUTHOR BIO: Massimo Colella is the Co-founder and COO at Itly.com. Everyday detailed Business operations means have every single customer happy. He loves always having challenges, hates losing them.

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