Popular Ecommerce Platforms for Startups

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Advantages of the Greatest ecommerce Platforms for Startups

Due to immense popularity of internet, every business is planning to open an exceptional online store. In order to put together the greatest of your business, you need to be on top of things with the latest ecommerce platforms. It can definitely make using your website a flawless and easy to use experience.

Below are some of the greatest ecommerce platforms for startups, which can facilitate you to achieve success:



Shopify is one of the most admired ecommerce tools, and can be utilized by small businesses as well as individuals as a mode of opening an online store. The foremost appeal of Shopify is that the platform is very easy to use. If you’re gazing to set up an ecommerce business or an online store, you can pick your individual pre-designed theme, or put together a custom theme. Your website will truly imitate the picture of your business. You can choose from over 100 site templates, building it easy to stumble on a site design fitting your company’s outlook. Online stores built using Shopify can securely process Paypal, debit and credit card transactions. You can formulate your set up a really global business, and admit payment from all worldwide currencies.

There are special price brackets in Shopify to outfit every business owner. Businesses that have a broad array of products may call for more costly options. Shopify recommends embellishments such as SEO managing and the aptitude to proffer concessions.

These tools can be extremely useful in your business, and you needn’t have to pay further for acquiring another other means. On the whole, Shopify is a straightforward and intelligible ecommerce platform for startups. It needs no further specialty in online marketing and IT.



Magento is an open foundation for ecommerce platform. It has established more popular with those business owners who are looking seriously to create more progress in their online business. Magento is indubitably popular with smaller businesses;

nevertheless it is also appropriate for those looking to triumph over larger markets. Major international merchants are using the Magento platform, and it has proved to be an effective ecommerce tool. In other words, Magento is a complete ecommerce platform, and is enormous for businesses with an additional complicated perceptive of online trade.

Out of various packages, Magento Go touted is the most excellent choice for small business startups. Magento Go users can opt from an assortment of themes for their online shop. You can modify your online channel to go well with the mode of your industry. The best feature of Magento is its SEO compatibility. It works efficiently with the key words and search engine optimized links. Your online website can get direct traffic through popular search engines. Magento Go’s smart incorporated interface offers the aptitude to control orders and shopper accounts.



Prestashop is a free ecommerce platform, and is perfect for startups and small business owners on a narrow budget. Prestashop’s open source software aids to build your online store in a simple way. You needn’t to carry any additional IT expertise to set your own online store. Prestashop is also SEO compatible, and clients are directed to your online store effortlessly and proficiently. The integral analytics software is versatile, and it permits you to examine traffic to your online website. Prestashop has an exciting set of facets, and really gives satisfactory results.

In case, you’re looking for a high-class online store and are enthusiastic to pay some extra money for a better-quality service, Magento is greatly suggested. On the other hand, Shopify and Prestashop also tender a notable service. At the same time as Magento takes the lead in terms of quality, Shopify and Prestashop also execute well. If you’re looking to put up an ecommerce business or an online shop to manage your start-up company, you can obviously choose any of the above ecommerce platforms.

You can even take help of a professional online marketing company for the best ecommerce platform that suits the nature and style of

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