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Agenda Mahala is a web app that is a personal organizer, day planner, calendar or personal agenda, online, and a social network available on the internet for everyone that informs about events happening on different cities which can be submitted by event promoters and institutions. Agenda Mahala was created and founded by Stélio Inácio, a Mozambican writer and entrepreneur (Mozambique is an African Portuguese speaking country). Agenda Mahala is a web app and social network that uses clever programming and future versions will be also available for ios, android and windows phone.

Our product at Agenda Mahala is an online personal agenda (personal organizer), that is private just like the data contained therein. When you register to an account at Agenda Mahala you gain a private personal organizer where you can add your online calendar appointments and take notes about your day. Exactly like a real personal organizer but online, in our online personal organizer the user chooses a date and starts planning his activities, whenever he returns to that date, everything is exactly as he left it. Dates in the past are not removed, dates in the future are added.

Our business model is to offer the product for free for 15 days so that the user can test it and see if it goes according to his needs. After 15 days we have the following price table:
One month (30 days) – $ 1 USD
6 months (180 days) – $ 5 USD
One year (365 days) – $ 10 USD.


We believe we created a relevant service because with our service anyone around the world can know what events are taking place on their city. Besides the user private personal organizer we offer the user’s city agenda of events. We offer free websites to any event institution that wants to promote events for its city. This is because the lack of information about cultural events is a reality that affects most people around the world. The vast majority of people only have information on less than 30% of all cultural and artistic events happening in the city where they live. Whether for reasons of reduced budget for advertising or simply failure to advertise or lack of opportunities to do so, event promoters fail to disseminate the information out of a certain circle of people accustomed to show up for these events, so that there is a large part of the population, who has the will and/or the financial capacity to attend these events but who never has the information.

Other companies that offer a product similar to ours are Google with google calendar, Apple with its app calendar and facebook with facebook events, but they can’t match our usability and convenience. Our online agenda (personal organizer) feels most like a real one. And is not overwhelming, it is just easy to use and functional. Our public events page displays events to anyone living in a certain city registered on Agenda Mahala or not, and not based on invitations sent by friends.



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