Australian men’s blog – How it started


“Building traffic and online presence without a huge marketing budget”

Here’s an interview with the founders of, sharing their journey on Startup, and how they managed to get to the world


Little background about the founder(s)?

Frank and Scott​ are two friends​  ​from​ Sydney, Australia. Coming from different backgrounds, working in industrial design and finance, They launched the site in December 2012.

How did you come up with this Start-up idea and what was running in your mind?

We found there was a real lack of high quality Australian men’s blogs and we saw a massive gap in the marketplace. Being huge fans of  ​ numerous other ​men’s lifestyle blogs, we decided to give it a go ourselves with a touch of our own Aussie flavour and taste.

How different is from others (competitors)?

When selecting products to feature, we focus on the story behind the product and the value it offers to the ‘modern man’. Our aim is to feature products that will empower people to get outdoors, be active, pick up a hobby and enjoy the good times.

What market are you primarily focusing on and how’s the response?

We love introducing our readers to fresh, exciting and unique brands, as well as celebrating innovative designs, on-trend styles and timeless classics. Man of Many values products of quality, aesthetic elegance, high levels of workmanship and inherent usefulness. With that in mind, we proudly collaborate with brands that share the same values.

At Man of Many, we believe in good design, functional elements and a lasting impression. Our commitment is to create content to help any modern gentleman stand out from the crowd.

Describe the struggles you went through during the initial phase of

One of the biggest challenges in the initial stages was building traffic and online presence without a huge marketing budget. We didn’t do any banner advertising or adwords targeting but I think the strength of our content is what kept people coming back as well as people sharing our articles and products on social media.

How did u manage funding your startup?

We funded the site ourselves from our own savings. Luckily enough after building a few other knock-about sites in the past we could get Man of Many up and running fairly easily on a low budget. The one thing I’ve found is it’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to test an idea. You can easily get up a website on a few hundred dollars to see what the response is.

How big is your team, and the work environment you build? (Creativity, dedication, fun aspects etc. nice to see a team and office picture)

​The company is headed by Frank and I, we have two writers and a number of guest contributors that we collaborate with.

Frank – Co-founder,  

How focused are you about customer service?

​Our customer is our reader ​, and​ focus​ing on their needs ​ ​is at the core of what we do. We want to create  ​an engaging experience for our readers and we look to continue doing this  ​through  ​engaging and insightful editorial articles.

What plans do you have for 5 years down the line?

​5 years down the track our goal is for the Man of Many name to be known worldwide as the premier men’s lifestyle resource

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