Beautiful QR codes. Yes, they now exist –

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OunchTag let’s you seamlessly blend a visually optimized QR code onto an eye-catching image or background of your choice. With OunchTag  customization tools, users will  have  a prettier OunchTag for their high-def print ad – all in 3 easy steps! After hitting the “Generate” button on the last step, users will get  a more appealing and less visually distracting QR code which users can download and apply wherever they please. Bid farewell to your boring and monochromatic QR codes now!

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OunchTag aim to eliminate ugly blocks of black and white QR codes off this planet, the ideal OunchTag users are the retailers or advertisers who use a QR code on their print ads.
OunchTag Beta opens doors to an array of new possibilities and benefits for you and your brand:
– Users can now seamlessly integrate your brand or logo into your QR code.
– Users can choose their own images,  QR codes will be unique and will stand out from the pool of black-and-white codes.
– Appealing QR codes leads to more scans from users customers which allows for better engagement.

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