Berlin-based start-up redefines wood with a new line of design accessories for Hi-Tech


After a successful pre-launch at the IFA Berlin 2013, WoodUp presents its unique line of stands for iPad and iPhone. Each one of them is made of massive walnut wood and manufactured in the most pure way by hand. In a provocative interaction between
hi and low-tech, these products forge a new perception of wood, as they serve as elegant mediator between us and our digital devices.

Every WoodUp creation connects the heritage of fine wood-work with modern urban design, turning everyday activities into aesthetic encounters.

With their seductive silhouette the stands created by WoodUp hold devices in an uniquely refined way. Whether to be used as display, as touchscreen or just to place them neatly on the desk, the continuous silicon stripes allow a safe and steady stand.
Charging an iPhone or writing on the iPad has never been more stylish.

The products can be purchased from WoodUp‘s own online shop at They are shipped worldwide.

About WoodUp

Marc Pohl, Julian Janke and Mila Miceli found each other in the spring 2013 and worked hard and passionate to launch WoodUp. They and the rest of the team are design-purists, detail-obsessive and workers of perfection. From the original idea to the packaging, from the design to the production,

everything is done within the company to ensure the final result is a unique experience.

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