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With a billion people around, one can hardly mistake that India’s strength has to be its human resource capability. However, a huge mismatch between employee skillset and industry expectation leaves both parties unhappy. To be honest, most of the people in the country are not trained for industry and end up being tagged as unemployable. Here, at Aasaanjobs, they have a dual-fold vision:

– Training: create better skilled employees who add much more value to the industry (earning more for themselves in the process)
– Connecting: create a transparent and extensive market place for blue-collared jobs
The motivation is largely social with the aim of creating a sustainable system of vocational training, employment and prosperity.

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Aasaanjobs is a recruitment company for entry level jobs in the country. Aasaanjobs are in the process of creating a digital identity for millions who play such a crucial role in the ever expanding service industry of the country.

On one side of the market, we find people who are looking for work and benchmark their skill sets as per set standards. On the other side of the market, we find employers who are looking to hire. And then Aasaanjobs simply act as matchmakers to help both parties meet their expectations.

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