Canopy Launches To Make Amazon Shopping More Social, Shareable And Beautiful

I’m an unabashed Amazon addict, but I’m not thrilled about the cluttered and unappealing visuals on the site. A new startup called Canopy with a team split between Toronto and San Francisco aims to vastly improve the Amazon window shopping experience, with a Pinterest-style sharing and networking experience that keeps the focus on commerce and enables users to actually buy the things they find with a minimum of fuss.

Canopy allows users to see product recommendations from other users, or to add their own via simple copy and paste of an Amazon link or with the help of a handy Chrome extension. Canopy then does a nice job of automatically formatting the product for a nice clean presentation like you might see on more design-focused marketplace sites like Fancy.

New members can follow their friends, and automatically follow an editor account when they sign up so that they aren’t greeted with absolutely nothing. The editor account is maintained by the founding team, and focuses on providing a human-curated collection of interesting products to highlight what’s possible on the platform. Users can also create their own collections, and recommend items to other users.

Early on in product development, Canopy focused on recommendations, but recently made it possible for users to add things to collections without having to also recommend it. That makes it easier to curate general lists of a type of item, say camping gear for instance, and still adds the benefit of allowing a user’s friends to recommend that product for them. This can inform buying decisions, and make Canopy about soliciting reviews and recommendations as well as helping users offer them up to others.

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