Collecting money just got fun –


Cheddar Up is a website that makes collecting money easy (and fun). The service allows people to pay and collect on group and one-to-one purchases…quickly and easily online. Whether it’s a group trip, teacher gift, fantasy football, or everyday payback – Cheddar Up takes the “awkward” and inconvenience out of owing and being owed.  Automatic reminders keep friendships intact, while built-in online tracking makes group purchases a breeze.  Never again will you get stuck with the bill or forget to pay your friends.

The website utilizes PayPal’s secure, global payment processing platform and is FREE to those who pay with PayPal, with only a small processing fee for payments made with a credit card.




Cheddar Up touches almost every adult out there – chiefs of households, college students, fantasy football players, young adults…

If you’ve ever experienced the awkwardness and inconvenience of owing or being owed, this website is for you.


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