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Paddle-logo-grey manage the complexities involved with selling online like payment processing, taxes and file hosting & delivery, analytics and even customer support so that users don’t have to.Alongside the eCommerce platform, Paddle’s SDKs (Software Development Kits) helps Mac & Windows developers to easily create trial versions of their apps complete with a licensing system, analytics, payment processing and more. is the easiest way to start selling apps & games for Mac & Windows.

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Paddle’s SDKs have been created for Mac & Windows developers who want to sell apps & games directly to their customers.
Typically, developers would need to create an infrastructure from scratch in order to sell apps & games directly, including: the creation of a trial version, a payment system, license management system, analytics, file hosting & delivery and more. Paddle’s SDK ties together all of those things into a single package, making it incredibly simple to sell apps & games directly to customers.
Using  trial version of , customers can pay for apps in-app which creates a convenient and seamless buying experience.

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