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Crawford and O’Brien is a technology startup in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. They focus on app development, growth hacking, and digital marketing.

Crawford and O’Brien works with local businesses, startups, and local communities. They help companies create better marketing campaigns, and they have boosted the sales of many local businesses, especially dentists. They also build mobile apps for companies and are involved in social ventures that benefit local communities. They just launched an app called Mapped Phoenix in August.


Mapped Phoenix ( was built for a social cause. The goal was to showcase entrepreneurial events and workspace collaborations on a easy-to-view map so that everyone could see what’s going on in Phoenix. The app also displays happy hours, restaurants, music events, landmarks, and treasures of Phoenix.

Mapped Phoenix is crowd-sourced so anyone can add to it. The app received hundreds of downloads within a couple weeks of hitting the Google Play store. That’s because it solves the problem of not knowing where to go when you want to do the following: eat at the hottest happy hours in town, startup a new company, network with entrepreneurs, hear local live musical performances, and do something new that you’ve never done before. New features on the app will be the ability to rate places, and an algorithm will then determine whether or not it’s a popular place on the map based on people’s opinions.


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