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Ecommerce website Clickmodels is a web-designer prototyping app providing great tools for developers and an in-app communication tool for clients. There are millions of designers worldwide producing and pitching dozens of websites everyday. All of them are looking for new ways to speed up their workflow and presenting and selling their product better. None of the available prototyping tools on the market allows web-designers, clients and web-developers to work together efficiently using 1 single tool. Clickmodels does just that. Some say it’s magic, we just wanted to create an effective bridge between designer, developer and client.


Millions of designers, clients and developers worldwide are part of the complex process prior to the release of an online project. For designers, creating a quick but good working prototype is not always that easy. With Clickmodels that’s now made so much easier, more fun and obvious to do. Also, lots of time will be saved in communication with your clients. Not only you, but also your clients will love this. The benefit for developers? They won’t have to switch between dozens of applications, all tools needed are right there within Clickmodels!


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