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Elucidat is e-learning authoring software that solves the challenges that high volume, high performance e-learning authoring teams experience when using desktop-based authoring software built for individuals.Elucidat are dedicated to improving the lives of high performance e-learning teams by making software that ensures the process of authoring, publishing and maintaining e-learning is as easy and pain free as possible.


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The ideal customer profile
*Is the manager of a team of e-learning authors
Particularly people who train sales and marketing teams
*Someone who is tasked with making e-learning production as efficient and pain free as possible (some teams have 1000+ authors so need to be as efficient as possible!)
*E-learning coaches (because they will be training teams and could recommend products to those teams)
*Someone who is worried about creating content that works on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile etc)

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