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The Ecommerce universe is flooded with a plethora of stores/sites which offer different rates and diverse schemes but at the same time ensuring that buying at the cheapest price and with the best deal possible online becomes a time consuming process for the buyer. To make things easier Pricegenie has created a system where you just put in the product you want to buy and it gets data from more than 30 ECommerce stores on the web, gets the prices of product and shows you the lowest price of the product with prices on each store. The prices it fetches are ‘real-time’ which means the exact price on the store is displayed to you. It’s not a 1 week old or 3days old price but the precise price on the store. This is the reason pricegenie is a “real time online price comparison engine”. It also shows you additional information like coupons, offers from the website, shipping time and cost. It makes the procedure of shopping easy and less time consuming helping the buyer with the best deals available online.




There is no target audience as every age group shops online and Pricegenie serves as a great platform to them for finding the cheapest price online as it is a real time price comparison engine. Shoppers should use it because it gives an idea of the ongoing price rates on internet and allows them to use the cheapest price for  the product they want to buy and it also saves time as all the sites compared together.


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