Football e-commerce store launches in Dubai to offer fans more niche apparel

It’s not hard to see a Barca jersey almost anywhere in the Arab world these days. But when it comes to finding more obscure jerseys, the process of ordering from abroad can be difficult.

“At some point, I was looking to find a jersey for the Greek national team, but I couldn’t find it in the store, so I ordered it online,” says Yorgos Kleivokiotis, a Greek entrepreneur based in Dubai. After ordering it online from a store in the UK, he waited weeks before finding out that it was stuck in Emirati customs. The jersey was then sent back to the UK and a new one was resent to his home. It turned out to be the wrong size, but was too expensive to return.

To solve the problem, Kleivokiotis launched KooraBazar, the GCC’s first football-only e-commerce store. Designed to satisfy the region’s football fanatics, the store sells everything from name brand equipment to apparel, custom jerseys, shoes, and autographed merchandise.

Exclusivity is hard to come by, but a trade license grants the startup access to brands that could be difficult to access otherwise. “We have a lot of products that are more difficult to find than anywhere else, but in this market there is no exclusivity,” Kleivokiotis admits. “For example, Nike has certain lines that are only available for category specialists,” adds cofounder Ghazi Ben Amor. While they are available worldwide, only certain registered suppliers, like KooraBazar, are allowed to sell them.

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