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Invitation for Guest Posts
We accept Guest Posts/Guest Blogging focused on ecommerce startup environment, which could be best tips and tricks, marketing,funding , or just a solid lists of startups.

Top ecommerce Startups is a blog intended for startup owners and people who are interested in Sratup/ecommerce,

Few example on topics for Guest Posts:

  • Tips for ecommerce success
  • List of best shopping carts
  • How to win over your competitor
  • ecommerce ideas
  • Why ecommerce stratups fails
  • Any news you want to Share
  • Any study/research that you have done

Lists and topics can go on but should be focused on ecommerce domain.

Guidelines for Guest Post/Guest Blogging:

  1. Content Should be original and not posted anywhere else
  2. Proper Info-graphic Related to the Post is required (ex: Pictures,Videos, Flowcharts, icons etc. where ever required)
  3. Minimum 2 Info-graphic are required and maximum of 4 can be added
  4. Credits – 2-3 sentence credit at the end of the blog with two links to your website/profile
  5. When Sending a List (Ex: top sites, best carts) send the images through Zip file Info-graphic-1
  6. Also make sure to name your Images properly as and where it should appear in the post
  7. Posting should be sent in word document and Info graphics attached

Once you have blog post ready, cross checked for errors, you can submit your guest post through below form

Once your post is approved and posted you can share and promote it through social media

So if you have a strong content or a solid list out of your research, do write for our Blog, we will be more then happy to publish your guest post for our readers.

For any queries, Please feel free to contact us

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