How to run e-commerce site successfully


Advice on how to run e-commerce site successfully


So, you just started running ecommerce business. Congratulations! You are, of course, aware that there are thousands of e-commerce sites with thousands more to come.  Number of online shoppers increases, as does the number of sites offering them services. If you are running a business or only thinking about starting one, digital retail simply cannot be overlooked or ignored. You only have to invest a small amount of money to start your business online, but what you can earn if you handle it the right way is incredible. Unfortunately, you greatest struggle will be to fight with hundreds of similar sites which offer similar, if not the same, services as you do.


Announce your presence to the world

You cannot simply sit at your desk and expect people to know who you are and what kind of services you offer. What you could do is use your website simply to advertise your product and take orders, but sell online too! Be creative and offer your customers a discount or let them play a game or a quiz in order to win something from you. You can achieve a lot if you advertise on social media, even if you are not a fan of it yourself. Ask your customers to write a few lines about how satisfied they are with your services and then publish these reviews on your website. People appreciate an honest review and non-bias opinion.

Start simple and small and evolve later

Trying to go global from Day 1 seems to be the reason why so many e-commerce sites die right after them start-up. Even if you have a good idea, there is a rather big chance that someone else already launched it. So, when it comes to ideas, try segmenting them as much as you think is possible and narrow your focus to one point, the one you are really good at. For example, if you ultimately desire to curate and sell amazing fashion pieces, start out by being one hell of a merchandiser. Brand new technology and manufacturing your own clothes will come later. The key is to make your name known for reliability and proficiency. Make sure you clients get what they asked for by sending your products via reliable couriers to avoid any inconvenience and ‘lost’ parcels.

You are not selling typical ‘goods’

While you are dedicating all your strengths and resources to development of your e-tail experience, we hope that you always bear in mind the fact that the products and services you are offering are initially virtual and not ‘touchable’. However, this doesn’t have to mean that you’re losing something. Try turning this ‘disadvantage’ into your strength and develop other means to reach your clients and keep them happy.  Design is essential since it is means to connect to your clients and make the gap between you narrower. If you keep your website neat and easy to use, your clients will feel safe and will explore it even further than they would usually do. Do, however, make sure that your bran is well-developed and protected.

Author: Sophie Andersen is a marketing consultant. She wrote this article in collaboration with professionals from Courier Parcel, firm based in Australia but delivering worldwide and


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