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AuditShark provides you with a second set of eyes on your servers to help keep them secure. Most businesses think that they’re too small to be hacked, but automated scripts don’t care how big or small you are. They just want to find a way to get in and if your servers are misconfigured, it’s not a matter of if your servers are going to be hacked. It’s a matter of when.

Basic server security used to be time consuming, expensive, and error prone. We’ve changed that. AuditShark runs daily scans on your servers and compares its configuration against a database of hundreds of industry standard, best practice configurations. Then it pinpoints the settings that could leave your computers more vulnerable to attacks and shows you exactly how to fix them.

What used to take hours of work and a security specialist can now be accomplished in minutes by any system administrator.

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AuditShark is aimed at small businesses who don’t have a full-time security specialist on staff.The most common cause of security breaches is human error. It’s very easy to misconfigure a single setting on a server that could result in a server breach. AuditShark looks for these problems and shows how to fix them.
Most security products require specialized and expensive training to use effectively. AuditShark can be set up and start providing value in less than 15 minutes.

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