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WishBooklet is the best way for you to get what you really want. WishBooklet is an easy way to share the gifts you want with your friends and family and get them to pitch in to get them for you. Think of it as kickstarter for gifts. On WishBooklet you can easily add items from any online store to your wish list, share this list online, and crowd fund gifts with your friends and family. WishBooklet allows multiple people to crowd fund a gift or just a single individual to purchase a gift. Create wish lists and crowd fund gifts today!



WishBooklet tends to fit a younger demographic, the 16-25 age group to be specific. WishBooklet  currently have customers in a number of countries worldwide, although the majority of their user-base is from the US. WishBooklet customers tend to wish list fashion apparel and consumer electronic gifts.

WishBooklet is great because it provides three real solutions to three real problems.

1. Keep all the products you want in one place. Each online store has their own wish list. You end up with various wish lists across different online stores making it difficult to keep track of the stuff you want. WishBooklet is a universal wish list, meaning you can save products from any online store in one place!

2. Lets your friends know what you want.  Doesn’t it suck receiving a gift that you have no use for? I mean honestly, how many pairs of socks can you get for Christmas? Sharing your WishBooklet with your friends and family makes it easy for them to know what they can gift you at any time whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, or even just because.

3. Gets you bigger and better gifts through crowd funding! Sometimes you want expensive gifts. Unless, you’re rich or your friends are rich, then most likely you won’t be able to get that gift. But wait, what if all of your friends and family could pitch in to give you that one big expensive gift? Well now they can with WishBooklet. That’s the power of crowd funding!


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