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Koshimbir are offering win- win combination to everyone & Koshimbir are committed to offer consumers and retailers more bang for their buck. They are helping individuals & businesses to showcase their offering “City Wise & Nationwide” to the prospects & customers with the help of quality pictures.Koshimbir are helping the brands to connect with the consumers in the real world. Hence they drive onsite sale for business by promoting solid offers to lure shoppers at the point of sale / get more foot falls at the doorstep. The consumer will get fine print of their selected offer electronically in their email account. To redeem offer, the consumer have to carry hard copy or soft copy in smart phone to avail the offer with the help of iframe that shows all your local store locations, (VISIT AT NEAREST STORE)

The Merchant have an edge to run online promotion offer to create a buzz & to turn window shoppers into actual shoppers nationally and If possible globally. The online consumer will receive the goods at his doorstep with FedEX our logistic partner. (STORE AT HOME)

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Visit: koshimbir.com

All retail business brands (from apparels,electronic  to Pet-food). All merchant those are in the wellness and Makeover business (Spa therapies, Salon, Dental, Hairdressers, Nail, Hand & Foot Beauty).

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