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Les Bijouteries is a luxury boutique that offers an online and offline shopping experience to our customers for. Our specialty is fine jewelry, celebrity and designer inspired handmade, custom and made-to-order bespoke fashion and accessories.

Customers can shop online at www.lesbijouteries.com or visit one of Les Bijouteries mini boutiques. Les Bijouteries first mini boutique was launched December 1, 2014 inside The Vendors Boutique 7167 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19119 ,next mini boutique is slated to launch in February 2015 along with our private fashion label Bijou Girl Spring of 2015.  The concept of the mini boutique gives a rare opportunity for Les Bijouteries online customers and  company to build personal relationships. Les Bijouteries customers are able to shop during store hours, setup private shopping and consultation.

Les Bijouteries carry only select items in  mini boutiques that customers can purchase.  Les Bijouteries assist local store customers with online purchases of any items that are not available in the mini store while visiting Les Bijouteries local location; the customer can opt to have the item delivered to their home or arrange for an in-store pickup. Les Bijouteries find that this continues to encourage and maintain  online shopping model. Shipping is quick, free and easy.

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Visit: lesbijouteries.com

One of specialty of Les Bijouteries that items offered at new offline location is Les Bijouteries bandage dress. There is immense competition online for the bandage dressed but it is rare that women can find or have the opportunity to actually try on a celebrity or designer bandage dress in  price range with such high quality.  Les Bijouteries handmade made-to-order fashion niche is mainly designer inspired special occasion, evening and party dresses.  The dresses are made in standard sizes and based on demand. How it works, Les Bijouteries customer contacts by submitting a picture of a dress via email, or text.  The dress is then reviewed by Les Bijouteries dressmakers to see if it is a dress that can be made to our manufacturing standards after analyzing complexity of design and needed textiles to create the inspiration. The goal is to create the inspiration at about the fraction of the cost. There are slight variations, i.e. fabrics, embellishments to the design because Les Bijouteries do not create knock-offs only inspirations. Once Les Bijouteries are able to establish all of information about the garment the customer is then quoted the price of their fashion inspiration along with a link to purchase the dress, all quotes are free and delivery for their made-to-order dress takes approximately 14 days for delivery.

Most similar luxury companies such as Les Bijouteries are usually found exclusively online. Les Bijouteries  offer a great balance because of offline presence is not that of a supper store or department store Les Bijouteries are smaller than the average boutique because they seek locations that are a good fit and market from inside other established or strong emerging boutiques. Les Bijouteries  even share marketing and advertisement collaboration with the boutiques where they lease floor space thereby Les Bijouteries are able to have a better than average overhead yet there is enough of a sampling so that customers are able to come face to face with one of their new favorite brands and still get the same online savings.  We also offer special incentives to both our online and offline customers. All of Les Bijouteries in-store purchased item comes with discount codes that can be used for online shopping.

Les Bijouteries ideal customer are women who shop for higher-end and bespoke fashion, ages 21 to 45. Les Bijouteries offer a unusual online and offline combined experince.

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