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Magazine of Youth is an initiative of Green Youth Generation, a Youth-Led NGO working on Human Resource Development, Youth Affairs & Sports, Health & Family Welfare, Agriculture & Allied Industries Development, Environment & Forests, Rural Develop., Science & Technology and Communication & IT.

What they do is,  provide one of the largest platform for youth where a common youth becomes a leader. How, uh? It’s Youtharia, a strategy on working with children and youth around the world in different issues. The main objective is to develop environmental awareness, decision-making, exchange information and capacity building.




Magazine of Youth’s main focus is Children & Youth because “Children & Youth are future of any country, they can CHANGE the World. They can do anything whatever they want, if they wish to do.” – Balraj Arpit, during UNEP TUNZA Asia-Pacific Children & Youth Conference.

The strategy they have, suppose you’re a children or youth from any nation of the World and you’re looking a platform for your own initiatives then only one this kind is Green Youth Generation & Magazine of Youth. Green Youth Generation will provide tools to be empowered and Magazine of Youth will provide a huge crowd of children & youth(audience) to hear your voice and support your initiatives.

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