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CMS2CMS is the automated service for content management system and forum data migration. This online service allows to import content, categories, users, images, internal links, comments etc from your current CMS or forum platform to a new one quickly, easily and for a reasonable price.With CMS2CMS, you can forget about hours of manual data moving. CMS2CMS will take care of it to let you enjoy the new look of your website in the shortest possible time!



You’ve reached the point when your current CMS or forum board is no longer catering for all of your needs? Then it’s time to move on and switch to a more functional platform. You can do it easily with CMS2CMS – an automated CMS&forum migration service. It allows to transfer content, categories, users, images, internal links, comments etc. from your current CMS or bulletin board to a new one.
With CMS2CMS, you’ll be spared hours of tedious work and hassle for manual data import or expensive software installation. The service is web based and easy to use. You’ll be able to start using your brand new website in a matter of a few minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the amount of information to be moved.
What is more, you can request All-in-One Migration Assistance to have CMS2CMS tech engineers set up and customize the migration for you to save your time and make it meet all your requirements.

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