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company is set up to sell jewelry collections on our website, as well as promote custom made jewelry pieces. We educate consumers on gems.

Mission is to connect private individuals to the gems and jewelry pieces they desire, and to educate them on exactly what they are buying.  For me, it’s important for people to form a bond with the gems they buy, and to understand the significance of the stones they will treasure.  In this way, they can truly love and appreciate the jewelry pieces they wear.

From customized rings and engagement pieces, to sourcing rare collectors stones, I offer a personalized gemstone and jewelry shopping experience. I will source any type of gemstone which is not in my inventory, and can work with clients to design custom and meaningful jewelry from the gemstones they desire.



Visit: michaelabrahamgems.com/
Ideal customers are fine jewelry clients all over the USA who like to have a bit more information and knowledge about the jewelry pieces they buy. We feel when people spend large amount of money on fashion items they should have a connection with the pieces they own.

People should use our service because we give more, not just in terms of value, but in terms of knowledge about what they buy. By reading our site, and following our blog, they get a greater appreciation for the pieces they buy, which leads to higher satisfaction.


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