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yutongo is idea crowdsourcing as a service at low monthly fees and a new take on collaborative ideation. With yutongo, businesses can crowdsource ideas with their staff or members of the yutongo community. Each business gets its own subpage/subdomain and has full control of who is participating and of the privacy settings of their projects. Innovators and creative folks from all over the world can join idea projects by using an unique creativity process based on cross-inspiration and multiple view angle thinking and earn money each time they participate. yutongo is free in the basic version and features a range of premium plans.

What makes yutongo unique?

1) Unique, multi-iterative creativity method: Creative tasks are split down into several subtasks and innovators parallely brainstorm on these tasks and produce hundreds and thousands of “idea fragments”. In a second iteration, innovators see idea fragments from all the other participants randomly and create complete ideas by using techniques like combination and cross-inspiration.

2) Fixed wages for innovators: The above mentioned concept gave us no other choice than to let innovators receive a fixed wage each time they participate, because in a collaborative ideation process like this, it is simply not possible to name a “winning” idea, because automatically, several innovators are involved in the birth process of an idea.

3) Self-service app, affordable fees, your own page: In order to reach all those businesses who cannot afford expensive open innovation services, we decided to make yutongoaccessible at low fees and on a 100% self service basis. We see it like basecamp, only not for project management, but for idea crowdsourcing. yutongo is addressing the business longtail. Customers get their own crowdsourcing page where they upload their banner and profile pic and a description on their business. There is also a free plan.




Who Would be your Ideal Customers? Why Should they use your Service?

Teams and individual who have creative tasks in their professional life and need a tool to streamline their creative process

– Small business
– Small business owners
– teams within larger corporations
– startups


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