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searching4business is an online directory where you can list your businesses and also search for any business need of your choice. It allows a Lister to include -Business name, address, phone number, business description, website link(if applicable.) etc.

Anyone can also search for any specific businesses e.g web-developer, hotels, music venues, campgrounds etc depending on your specified location, name of business, or state (if applicable) has Incorporated in it a blog-Business tips, fashion, entertainment, Health, technology, and it brings latest info which will help promote businesses.




Ideal customers include-
1. Users(Business Owners) who want their business or service to be accessible and recognized globally.

2. Users are consider advertising via print, TV or radio very expensive, and will not always reach targeted demographic. They will be able to reach targeted local online consumers looking for specific services.

3. Users who are looking for specific business, product or service within a location, state etc


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