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Picks can help users to  find, save, discover, and share the things users  love. When people ask Picks users  what they are  reading, or watching on Netflix, or what podcasts they should listen to while waiting at the airport, Picks helps users to  answer those questions. Users can make lists of all the movies, books, local hangouts, TV shows, podcasts, and music they want, and then share their lists with friends. They can check out their friends’ feeds for updates on their latest activities. They can also send out a broadcast to friends or followers, which creates a place to have a group chat to discuss, make plans, get feedback from people they trust, and much more.

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Picks provides an extremely simple and fun way to keep track of the things you actually want to do. It also gives users  great ways to discover new things to do, and form their  own community around what users enjoy.
Anyone who needs an easy way to keep track of the things they want to do, be the movies, restaurants, TV shows, music, podcasts, or more. Pick is also great for people looking to discover new content that they can do, or help organize a hang out.

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