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Sandy loves wearing t-shirts. Sensible ones. But he didn’t find too many that he liked in stores. So he decided to start a company that made beautiful t-shirts. White ones.

White t-shirts with sensible designs on them. That’s what Plain White Tee does. And that’s what keeps Sandy happy. Very happy.

These Tees come for every occasion. Family dinners, first dates, school reunions. You name it!

Woven from the finest organic yarn, printed with the trendiest colours and made to fit. You are destined to look incredible.

Plain White Tee


Plain White Tee’s focus crowd is – everyone and their tee’s can be worn anywhere. Their designs are inspired from everyday elements that people can relate to. They reflect the wearer’s personality. They are also doing their bit towards the environment as we make 100% organic t-shirts.

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