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Tutors Duniya provides students to teacher on social media and mobile messaging platform, where student can interact with teach on Facebook,whats app,hike,etc. Students can ask anything to the teacher ,clarify their concepts .
Tutors Duniya provide a teacher in a group with  a teacher and a regulator.The regulator helps both teacher and students.They motivate students to learn more.

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Tutors Duniya  customers  will be students of class 5-12 students.The main purpose of connecting here is .Students are much frank at these platforms, rather than they are at class or schools with a known person, so that they can interact freely and frankly here. Well, Tutors Duniya  teachers are available 24 hours , and in the pockets of the students.So, students can interact on go.And Tutors Duniya  believe students can learn everything,at self study.Students just need someone to clarify ,where they get stuck at, and there Tutors Duniya emerge as the best helper.

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