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The main task of Chatwee group chat widget is to provide real-time communication that engages the audience of our clients, what reflects in a significant increase of traffic, which in turn has a direct and decisive influence on the profits of our satisfied clients. The chat service is also used for instant customer support and sales for e-commerce platforms.

Chatwee chat software is based on SaaS (“Software as Service”), where the application stored by the producer is only available through a simple line of code. This model makes installation easy and does not require programming skills. As a service provider we take care of chat platform management, upgrade and support, what greatly reduces the cost of implementing this type of solutions and improves security, because our service does not interfere with the source code of web page.



Chatwee is particularly recommended to web services bringing together smaller or larger communities involved in some common cases of interest, such as education, music, sports and games, political organizations, religious communities or associations.

Recently lots of live chat type applications emerge on the market. Our idea is distinguished by the fact that is intended to increase community involvement on blogs, websites and forums, not only as a pure support software. With this in mind we have expanded our application with the ability to share files. Sharing media content increases engagement significantly. Visitors can send files like documents, photos and other media content in a simple and intuitive way. All of this stuff is exchangeable not only in the public but also in private mode.

Chatwee has a new fresh design with every detail powered by CSS3 and is fully customizable in different ways: colors of text and backgrounds, fonts, view and more. The chat window is resizable and has different view modes, what makes the widget perfectly coexists with arranged content on the website. Clean and non-distractive interface ensures using Chatwee highly intuitive. Tooltips are built-in for instant support.

New visitors can create new Chatwee accounts so they can edit their profiles (setting nicknames, photos and statuses, link to their sites). We also provide Anonymous login (‘Chat As a Guest’). Chatwee is fully integrated with social websites. Users can sign in with Facebook and Twitter.

Statistics data like: number of visitors, number of messages sent and others are updated within milliseconds of actual events in Control Panel. All stored data can be visualized on beautiful charts for a better outlook.

Chat admins will be also happy to know that there is a simple way to moderate chat history, remove spam and archive public messages. It is possible to get rid of unwanted content by simple deletion or set a profanity filter specifying words and phrases to be censored.

Chatwee has no coding requirements. Embeding one line of installation code on web page is sufficient to make our app to work properly. Chatwee can be tested for free as long as you wish only. Our chat system is cloud based, so it keeps websites running fast. App is hosted on blazing fast servers and we take care of software updates, backups and server security. Chatwee has been tested to work on all major modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE.


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