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REFVerify offers an entire new approach of the social networking with the idea of “Know Who You Do Business With”. This concept is introduced with the built-in security and authenticity checks of previous or current employments. By using these features, REFVerify overcomes the most critical issue in our society such as identity fraud and thefts.
Candidate login primarily used to advertise professionals’ skills, also serve as a portfolio for the hiring entities that are represented by employer site login. In addition, REFVerify measure candidates’ strength and weaknesses by acquiring feedback from current or past employers and allow employers, members of REFVerify to choose whom they want to pick as a person for hire. In addition, Employer login can communicate with other employers (corporations or businesses within Web-Share). This function is essential if corporation or business want to advertise a particular corp-to-corp opportunity. Feature like Internal message center in those cases can serve as secure communication shell in order to establish required trust and relationship.
The main approach of REFVerify is to offer a number of features for Candidates and Employers to find the most credible and matching search criteria party to do business or to establish a working relationship.

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REFVerify designed for professionals in any field as well as for the businesses and corporations HR departments, recruitment agencies and etc.

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