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Social media marketing has become an increasingly important tool for startup promotion and getting your E-commerce website ranked high in popular search engines. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are being increasingly harnessed by all E-commerce websites to attract potential customers and staying connected to your existing customers as well. Most social media driven customers are targeted traffic and much more likely to increase sales of your website. However, most startups juggle when it comes to doing the digital marketing in a correct format. The most common query of startups and established E-commerce sites is how to utilize social media websites for web marketing.

Avid social media users recognize the two most important terms of web marketing: Valuable Content and Rapid Sharing! These two words summarize the entire story of social engagement.

In the present digital world, everyone knows the rule: Content is the King! Creating valuable content is the most important tool that keeps customers hooked on to your website. Even for E-commerce websites, only uploading your product catalogue does not serve the purpose. Unless you provide some valuable and unique information on your website, it is unlikely that you can keep the customers coming back for you. As the competition in E-commerce has grown tremendously the customers are always on lookout for some new information. Simply listing an iPhone on your website might not get you many customers, but if you supplement it with usage information, comparison notes, professional reviews, and additional information on related Apps and accessories, you will end up attracting more organic traffic on your site. Not only does it provide unique information but is also an attractive way to increase add-on sales. The best way to create rich quality content is by regularly posting industry related information and updates, giving out user tips and tricks for your products, creating high value blog posts, and sharing other industry related content on your website, participating in discussion in forum and groups etc.

The best thing about creating unique and valuable online content is that it spreads itself. When you provide unique and useful information online, people are more likely to share it amongst their networks. If your content has potential it might become viral in no time. Social sharing is perhaps the most important method of sales generation on a digital platform. It definitely serves good to be visible online at the right place and to the right target visitors. Social sharing and social media followers are like stamp on your brand recognition, reliability and authenticity in digital world. Unless the content is digitally marketed, even high quality content will be dumped under the piles of billions of WebPages and not be discovered. It is important to craft out a web-marketing policy that is focused on active social sharing. Any startup’s digital marketing strategy must be actively geared to get Facebook likes for its page and images; get followers and retweets on Twitter accounts; get more upvotes for your Instagram and Reddit, as well as re-pins for images on Pinterest.

Social shares represent social votes for your brand; establishing you as a niche leader. Your followers on Twitter and Facebook will become the voice of your brand by sharing your content and products in their digital network and will attract potential customers. New buyers find it easier to trust a website/ service that has more social votes of likes and fan followers or has been repeatedly up voted or shared. E-commerce websites must actively update their social media spaces for product updates, reviews and testimonials, industry news and maintain healthy conversations with existing and potential customer groups. Social media marketing is an essentially costless and much more dynamic marketing strategy compared to the costly old world advertising techniques.

Thus the rule for digital marketing is simple: create rich quality content and actively share it on social media platforms and reach out to existing and new customers.

Don’t forget to share with us some unique social media marketing ideas that you use for promoting your E-commerce website online!

Author’s Bio: Joanna Smith is a PR manager and regularly writes valuable posts regarding Digital Marketing Strategies and various SEO related practices for webmasters. You can read her blogs here.

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