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start51logonewfile is a crowd-funding and online fund raising platform in India for projects in any domain. Ateet Bajaj founder and supporter of, started the venture to help and support people who have creative ideas and want to do something new but unfortunately failed to do the same due to lack of money. It is a fund raising platform where creative ideas meet financial contributors. Start51 offer a brand new way of exploring innovative ideas and helping them to turn in to reality. It supports projects for different industries, from films to games, music to technology, art to design, etc.

The idea is to add life to creative ideas and projects, which are full of ambition and innovation with direct support from contributors.



The purpose of funding is precise and transparent for both, creators and contributors. Our mission is simple –to help getting funds to the people with innovative ideas of their projects and on the other hand, to ensure the contributors that their funds are in right hand. Both givers and seekers are assured that the money has been spent to serve the community better through a project.

In Start51 Each project is independently created. People having creative ideas like filmmakers, musicians, artists or designers etc. can start a project. The creators will be responsible for the project and will have the complete control over their project. Initially, the project creators need to set a funding goal and deadline for their venture. If people like the project, they can contribute money to make it happen. Funding on is all-or-nothing.


Start51 would help People who are having creative ideas and willing to make it live. Any one who have innovative idea but unfortunately due to lack of money unable to start his or her project. Start 51 help people to raise funds for their creative ideas.

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