TalkToChef provides a breakthrough in the process of cooking at home by instant help of professional chefs


TalkToChef makes the home cooking experience an enjoyable process

with kitchen problems solved by chefs in real time via live video chat.


TalkToChef is a totally new, cooking-oriented start-up company –one of the winners of Startup Weekend- 2012, San Francisco. An educational platform directly connecting professional chefs with home cooks before disaster strikes. All online, it provides an unbelievable opportunity for those who want to bring something special to their dinner table right at the moment — without squandering time on recipe searching, and making a meal out of all the ingredients they already have in the fridge.

“We want to help people by providing them with an instant access to professional chefs any time they really need it. It’s an exceptional service for people who cook at home, but face challenges in the kitchen or who may want to add that little something extra”, says the founder of TalkToChef, Daniil Brodovich, a serial entrepreneur in e-commerce with wide international experience.



The options of its use are as follows:

–          Visit to get an instant support when cooking at home,

–          Use it as an app on your iPhone or Ipad.

The process is simple. Users choose a cuisine, cooking method or diet; the program finds the best chef to match the needs, and the chef is right there to problem-solve the issue(s) LIVE. After getting all the questions answered, users will be asked to rate the chef and leave a tip.

TalkToChef is a breakthrough in the global cooking community. Cooking education has seen a dramatic change over the past twenty years with the popularization of culinary websites, cooking video lessons, courses, and various cooking forums  – all providing tons of recipes and diets available and shared among foodies worldwide. However, these couldn’t provide sufficient levels of assistance, and most home cooks continue(d) to face various cooking challenges daily. And so TalkToChef was created.

TalkToChef is better than any cookbook – it’s a huge reference book made live by more than 1800 professional chefs ready to answer any cooking question(s) via video chat. Regular foodies and home cooks alike can have an amazing cooking experience and master the art day by day without leaving their kitchens.


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