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Arts and crafts from every corner of the world has something admirable, precious and pleasing. Crafts of India are known for its richness and elegancy. While many of the arts and crafts are well known to everyone, there are also a few which remain masked but are nothing less than a ‘wow!!’.

“CRAFTISTHAN” aims at bringing out eclipsed art and exhibit the greatness of craftsman and crafts and also bring to you a best collection of rarities.

They are new born. They are passionate to bring all the artistic creations under craftisthan in near future. In addition to preserving the great art, traditional values and culture they also are curious to spread the history behind each art and the hardship of each artisan in shaping the masterpiece.

with motto to make this space an ultimate destination for all handicrafts and eco-friendly products which would not only be a marketspace but also an information center about various arts and crafts.




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