Top 5 factors influencing the purchase of an online shopper

Top 5 factors

I can’t even think of one person who hasn’t shopped online for anything in this day and age! In this fast paced era where people have little time to even breathe properly; online shopping has become a boon for most of them. With people wishing for a day even between Saturday and Sunday, it remains no hidden fact that they desperately need more and more time for completing their tasks. Online shopping has made it possible for them to not spend their weekends by hopping on from one shop to another in the search of quality products at the best bargained prices. There’s something magical about getting the quality products they want and need at lower prices in the comfort of their room and in their PJs!

According to a McKinsey report, there will be 330 million Indians on the Internet in 2015, making it the second largest connected population in the world. But what has made online shopping so addictive? Here is a list of the top 5 reasons that tell and describe what influences the purchasing pattern of an online shopper:



  • Convenience:



    Imagine yourself making a trip to the mall to purchase some food items. You will have to compromise on your love affair with your bed, spend some time thinking which outfit to wear and then spend some more time in grooming yourself from head to toe. After that, you will have to leave your air conditioned home and travel in the unpleasant weather to fulfill your needs. Online shopping abolishes all of these hurdles. As I stated above, the biggest advantage of online shopping is that you can shop without having to pay heed to your looks and from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a reliable Internet connection and you are good to go!


  • Variety:



    Variety is another reason why consumers prefer to shop online. I can’t even begin to mention about those days when I wanted a specific item (Plain white cotton shirt with ruffles, puffy sleeves and 6 buttons) and wasted my three weekends searching for it in so many shops. Now, I have made those kinds of days a thing of the past with indulging in online shopping. Most mega online shopping stores have a large variety or brands spread across a range of categories wherein you can define your search using several filters present on the website.


  • Easy returns:



    The most tempting four letter word for me is “SALE”! I have waited for months to get some products during sales which I couldn’t afford to have. But the real problem with sales is shopping like there’s no tomorrow and not wanting to try on clothes because of the long queue at trial rooms. And everyone knows that most of the people do not make trips to return those items. With online shopping, things get so easier! You get to shop from a large assortment of products and brands. You get to try them at your home and if you don’t like them, you return or exchange! Of course, this is not just limited to clothes but to large variety of categories.


  • Lower prices:



    It is heart-breaking to discover a product on a price lower than what you paid for in the shopping store. Majority of the

online shopping sites

    offer prices lower than most of the physical stores. And, people’s love for savings is not unknown. Scouting different stores and screaming at the top of your voice for getting the best bargained rates can be a pain. With the launch of product comparison websites, it has become easy to get your favourite products at the best prices and not feel cheated.


  • Cashback and deals:



    Honestly, discounts are a passé now! The biggest fantasy of an online shopper is shopping to his/her’s heart content and not getting poorer. This fantasy has come true with India’s renowned cash back and coupon website i.e. CashKaro is your answer to all prayers related to sales, discounts and cash back. Founded by Swati Bhargava and Rohan Bhargava, the popular website is not like any other regular coupon website. Apart from providing you enticing coupons, it even shares a part of its commission on every purchase of yours made via them in the form of additional cash back. Super cool, right? Getting a host of tempting deals coupled with handsome cash back is a major reason why people have got hooked on to online shopping.

In the info graphic given above, we can see the same factors listed there which influence the purchasing of ecommerce consumers big time!

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