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How your startup will handle Twitter socially

Your new startup is, if you want to be part of the 21st century, going to need a Twitter account. The prospect of handling the random nature of cantankerous web users can be intimidating. Keeping up with the non-stop world of Twitter can be even more intimidating.

With the proper preparation, your startup can grow a Twitter account that not only finds new customers, but also solves problems. This article will look at the social skills you’ll need first, then dive into more technical stuff in the second part.

Your company is a “We”

When you are using the voice of your brand you are not ‘you.’ This means that you have to stop using I, me, and my. This has to be replaced with we, us, and our. When companies refer to themselves as I it can be very distracting. How can a company of many people be an I, indicating one?

The exception to this is when you’re using a mascot. This gets around the issue of referring to yourself as I. It also solves the problem of having multiple people use the account under one voice. They just need to use the voice of the mascot.

Check out how the Devumi Gorilla handles himself on our Twitter account:

You don’t have to be on Twitter 24 hours a day

Twitter is non-stop, but your startups account doesn’t have to be. Using tools like TweetDeck, and HootSuite can help you have content going out at all time, but with you getting more sleep. These tools both allow you to schedule tweets for the future so that you can have tweets going out for your fans in both London, England and Vancouver, Canada during their best times.

Have a support account

Many Twitter users are expecting the Twitter accounts of startups to also be contact points for online help. This can lead to issues as many time, the person managing your account may not be knowledgable about every aspect of your business.

When a technical question comes in via Twitter, and your startup’s manager can’t answer it, this is when you’ll want to have a support account already setup. Not only will it give your manager an ‘out’ (“Sorry to hear of your issue, or @support account can handle this!), but it also helps get issues off of your main account.

Examples of this include Twitter Support, Blackberry Help, Steam Games support, and Nike Support. They’re all big companies, but they once had to start their Twitter account from zero too.

Work with the influencers in your audience

The influencers in your audience are going to be the people who already have large Twitter follower numbers. You can use them two ways:

  1. They can help your startup’s account grow at first by encouraging them to tweet out your content.
  2. You can work with them on promoting specific content through @mentions and direct messages.

Being able to identify the people who can do this, and who are willing to do this, will help your Twitter account grow quickly.

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Author bio:
Matthew is the social media analyst over on the blog. You can find him there every Friday talking about the latest developments in online marketing. To find out more about Devumi, read this review website about them, or follow the @Devumi Twitter account for the latest from the Devumi Gorilla!

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