Xobni Price Paid by Yahoo Was $48 Million in Cash, Plus Possible Earn-Out

According to people close to the situation, Yahoo paid just over $48 million in cash for Xobni, and has promised its staff of 32 many millions more in stock for earn-outs if they stay at the company for several years.

This price that the Silicon Valley Internet giant paid for the maker of address book apps and plugins is nominally higher than the $30 million to $40 million that AllThingsD had reported when news of the acquisition was revealed last week. (In other words, I was wrong.)

ATD broke news about the Yahoo interest in Xobni and also the lower price range, which was initially offered by Yahoo.
But Xobni balked at that offer, since common shareholders might have not gotten any value at all over preferred ones, and Yahoo upped what it paid to $48 million.

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